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  • Our Objectives - Provide direct, honest answers and follow up for success of every application.
  • Our Specialisation - Expert advise - specific to each application for all type of visas under General Skilled Visa, Investment visa to USA under EB5 & Canadian Investment visa.
  • Our Service - Efficient and Cost Effective Service in all areas relating to migration matters and visa services.
  • Our Success - Processed many applications with high success rate.
  • Our Legacy - 25 years of Professional Immigration experience with proven track record.
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Step-by-step procedure towards lodgment

Bilimoria & Associate follows step-by-step procedure towards preparation of an application prior to lodgment for Australia.   All applications are processed by Bilimoria & Associate on one-to-one giving importance and understanding the requirements on each application and are prepared based on the existing policy and points system.  Only when the applicant meets the requirement and has all supporting documents in order, Bilimoria & Associate proceeds for lodgment.  

Here are the step-by-step procedure that we follow:

ASSESSMENT: Before we start with preparation of an application for lodgment, we have the data / CV assessed and also pre-approved before we can start towards collecting all supporting documents for lodgment. We have a qualified team of immigration experts and lawyers who are well versed with the Immigration rules; we are also well updated with the changes in rules which happen from time to time. Each data / CV is assessed carefully based on the prevailing policy and pass mark and clients are advised on their possibilities of lodging an Immigration application.

We do our assessment purely on the basis of information provided by the applicant and the initial discussions that you have with us. Incase of any second opinion needed we have a strong backing of our panel of immigration lawyers, who will give us second opinion. Therefore, you could be rest assured that our opinion matching the opinion of the respective Case officer when we submit your application to the respective countries. Once your data is received by our office we assess and advise you if we can proceed in preparing your application.

DOCUMENT PREPARATION: Once it is understood that the applicant will qualify and has the potential to qualify, we then prepare the application for lodgment, we would prepare your application on a detailed checklist that will be provided to you towards obtaining the supporting documents specifically for your case and will discuss on improving your application once the case is started with Bilimoria & Associate.

We would also chalk out samples of the documents that we require/ask you to furnish to complete your application. Once all documentation is in order we will proceed for lodgment to the respective country for a successful outcome of an application.

IELTS: We would also assist and guide you in the preparation of your IELTS (International English Language Testing System) which is a mandatory requirement for all applicants. We will provide you with the IELTS study material. We also do the assessment of an individuals command over the English language before we can recommend you to our coaching centre, which are well qualified and competent to advise you and suggest you a program to improve and develop your language proficiency before you take up the IELTS test.

We also do the registration of IELTS application through our own office base with the British Council or other Registered Council towards your IELTS application. Some clients will need to do Academic version on the IELTS prior to lodgment. We will advise you accordingly.

For Australia the principal applicant and spouse will need to complete the requirement of the IELTS.

SKILLS ASSESSMENT – Before we lodge your Immigration application on your behalf, we would have your qualification recognized with the relevant Skills Assessment body.  There are different skills assessment bodies in Australia which assesses each nominated occupations.   We will provide you the checklist of documents that are required for the process of your skills assessment. Skills assessment is important towards lodgment of your application for Immigration process.

LODGMENT:  Once the skills assessment is completed and approved by the Skills assessment body and we have all the supporting documents that are required for lodgment we will proceed to the next step of having your application lodged with the Immigration department. Once the application is lodged we would receive an acknowledgment and a time frame given on your application.

PROCESSING TIME: We expect the processing time on an application any thing between  8-10 months or 12-15 months from the date of lodgment and we are confident  on completing your application on time process based on the intimation by the Immigration department on an application.

MEDICALS OR ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Once the Immigration  department is convinced with all supporting documents, we will receive a communication requesting the applicant and family to complete the medicals and provide any other pending information or change in circumstances that would be required to be updated on your application.

VISA ISSUANCE: Once all supporting documents meet the requirement, Immigration  department will issue visa approval letter.  Based on the visa approval letter we will then proceed to the next step of having your passports sent to the High Commission for visa stamping.  Once the visa is stamped you will have time that has been allocated for your first entry.  The time allocated for the first entry will depend on your medicals or Police Clearance certificate that was completed, which was provided to the High Commission.

UPDATING YOUR RESUME: We will also guide you and assist you in updating your resume to meet the requirement on your visa formality. Also a restructured resume will help after you obtain your visa when you apply to different prospective employers.

A resume is far different from that of an employer overseas. It is this understanding that has led to formulating a unique restructuring of a resume to meet the overseas requirement. The updated resume helps you to develop and obtain successful response and effective resume with the right amount of information and strength to bring you that good news.

JOB SEARCH:  We provide clients with job search programmers, contact details and internet job sites. We also recommend to employment agencies, which are specialized on job search and Government Employment orientation situated in the respective countries. We are only Immigration specialist, assist in obtaining Permanent Residence visa and all other types of migration visas.

We help in re-structuring your resume, guide you to market your services to potential employers after you have obtained your visa.

NOTE: As part of our service we will guide you, assist you on the job search program, we will guide you in identifying prospective job search programmers and prospective employers, but cannot offer employment.

Please note that this service is provided free of cost and that it is not a business / legal responsibility of our company to assist you in employment on your application. In past many of our applicants have been successful on their job search based on our guidance after they have obtained their visa through our firm.


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