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Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)

The Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190) is for Skilled Workers  who are nominated by an Australian state or territory.  This is a permanent residence visa which allows the applicant and the family members included in the application to live and work permanently anywhere in Australia.

If the applicant is nominated by a state or territory and meet the basic requirements for this visa, the applicant will then receive an invitation to apply.


The offshore Skilled Nominated visa is assessed on a points based system which requires the principal applicant  to obtain minimum 60 points  on the Points Test to be eligible for Skilled Nominated Visa to Australia.

Applicants will be awarded points based on number of selection criteria:  Age, English language ability, work experience, and education.  You can view the points table and the factors on which the points are awarded here:


Applicants are selected by States/Territories in Australia to meet the skills in demand in those States/Territories.  The applicants are expected to live in the  nominated State/Territory for the first two years.

Each participating State / Territory issues a list of occupations in demand in their area as part of their State Migration Plan.  Also, some of the state/territory may have specific requirements in terms of work experience, English language ability or specialised skills, which must be met by the applicants.

The Consolidated Skilled Occupations List (CSOL) is the applicable occupations list if the applicant is nominated by a state or territory government.

If the Skilled Nominated Visa is granted the applicant and family members included in the application should agree to the following commitments:

  • Reside in the nominating State/Territory for at least two years;
  • Keep the state or territory informed of any changes to the residential address
  • Complete surveys and provide information when asked.

Find below the list of States / Territories that provides sponsorship for eligible applicants:

  • Western Australia
  • Victoria
  • South Australia
  • Queensland
  • New South Wales
  • Northern Territory
  • Tasmania
  • Australian Capital Territory


Applicants will need to first submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) and then be invited by the Immigration department to make an application.   For an applicant to be eligible to apply for a Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190), applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Applicant must meet the points test threshold of atleast 60 points
  • Applicant must be nominated by an Australian state or Territory
  • Applicant must be under 49 years of age at the time of application.  Applicants aged 44 or more will not gain any points on age.
  • Applicant must have sufficient ability in the English language and should meet requirement threshold of competent / proficient English.
  • Applicant is  required to have a (usually university or a trade) and the applicant’s skills must have been assessed by the relevant Skills assessment body in Australia.
  • Applicant must have work experience in one of the Nominated occupations which will fit your skills and qualifications either in the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) or on the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL) to qualify with State sponsorship.
  • View current SOL for 2015-2016 at:

  • View current CSOL for 2015-2016 at:

  • Applicant and the family members must meet the Medical and character requirements.


The Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190) application process involves four major steps.

  • Skills assessment: First step of the application process is to complete the skills assessment with the relevant Skills assessment body.  The skills assessment report helps the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) to evaluate if the applicant has the required level of skill in the chosen occupation to work  in Australia.
  • Expression of Interest: After having a positive Skills assessment report and the language test results which meets the requirement,  an applicant will need to submit an Expression of Interest through SkillSelect.
  • State Sponsorship: The applicant needs to apply for state sponsorship with an Australian state / territory. Please note to apply for the Sponsorship,  the applicant is required to meet the sponsorship requirements of the State / Territory and have work experience in an occupation listed on one of the State Migration Plans of the State/Territory.
  • Permanent Residence application: When an applicant is invited to apply, the Immigration department will give 60 days time to the applicant for submitting an application for Permanent Residence visa.  While submitting the application the  applicant must include all evidences to support the claims made in the Expression of Interest application to be approved by DIBP so the  visa can be granted.


An applicant can include the spouse, dependent children and other dependent family members – Eg. Parents who live with you and are financially dependent.


Applicant and the family members included in the application will have the following rights and obligations when Skilled Nominated  visa (subclass 190) is granted.

  • Can live and work permanently in Australia
  • Can study in Australia
  • Can enroll in Medicare, Australia's scheme for health-related care and expenses
  • Can have access to certain social security payments
  • Can apply for Australian citizenship (if eligible, based on the residency criteria)
  • Can sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence
  • From the date the visa is granted, the applicant will be given a 5 year multiple entry visa to live and work in Australia.  The applicant needs to live in Australia for 2 of the 5 years to have the visa reissued for a further 5 years. Alternatively, you can spend 4 consecutive years in Australia and be eligible for citizenship.

Bilimoria & Associate liaisoning with members  of Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) and Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) Representatives and strive to achieve the highest possible standards of professional service.

Applicants interested in migrating to Australia, please send us your resume and your spouse’s resume to assess your eligibility.   We will write back to you within 48 working hours and guide you accordingly on how to proceed further.

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