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Immigration to Portugal


The Portugal Golden Visa Program is a gateway to EU citizenship and is one of the fastest choices for foreign investors or third-country nationals to be granted a residence permit through investment activities conducted within Portugal territory.

The scheme began in 2012, and by May 2020 has been credited with investments of over 5.2 billion euros from over 20,000 persons (8,736 investors and 14,936 family members). 

  • The Golden Visa program in Portugal was first created to attract foreign investment to the country and, as of today, it has brought over €5.2 billion in direct investment into Portugal until May 2020.  
  • Since the introduction of the program, more than 8,736 investors have benefited from the program along with more than 14,936 family members.
  • The main benefits of the program are the various choices of investments, fast processing and a minimal requirement for residency.
  • By investing 280,000 EUR OR 350,000 EUR, residence permit holders have the right to live, work and reside in Portugal and enjoy the benefit of travelling visa-free within the 26 nation members of the Schengen zone.
  • The Portuguese passport is a top-notch travel document allowing visa-free travel to 186 countries.


The Portugal Golden Visa Program is one of the simplest and fastest ways for high-net-worth individuals to obtain a residency visa in Europe and eventually gain access to European citizenship.

Family members of the investor (spouse, financially dependent children, and financially dependent parents) may also be included in the application and become European citizens.  This makes Golden visa the fastest growing investment immigration program in Europe.

  • Portugal is the 3rd safest country in the world (source: 2020 Global Peace Index)
  • According to the Portuguese Border Service (SEF), 2019 has seen almost €500 million invested in just seven months.
  • Investment by Brazilian nationals under the same scheme was up by almost 42% in 2019.
  • Countries with most investors for the programme include China, Brazil, South Africa, Russia and Turkey and now India.
  • 2019 was the most successful year ever for the programme.
  • The program requires a minimum investment of €280,000 or  €350,000 we can choose from a range of investment routes on the project availability.  
  • Most investors choose the real estate investment option by investing in a high-end project for its return and buy-back option available after 5 years on €350,000 residence permit holders already have the right to reside in Portugal and enjoy free travel within the 26 nation members of the Schengen zone.
  • The main benefits of the program are the various choices of investments, fast processing and a minimal requirement for residency. This makes Golden visa the fastest growing investment immigration program in Europe.
  • The Golden Visa Program is one of the fastest choices for foreign investors or third country nationals to be granted a residence permit, through the Golden Visa Program conducted within Portugal territory.



We are presently recommending our applicants to process their family application under Golden Visa Program through the project  “Renaissance Hotel PORTO HOTEL by Marriott”.  

  • This is a 56 million EUR Project with 160 investors and the project is to start its operation in year 2021.
  • Each investor invests 350,000 EUR.
  • It gives the investor 3% Annual Rental Guarantee.
  • Located in the centre of Porto, the Renaissance Hotel has the perfect location, within a 15-minute drive to the Airport and a 15-minute walking distance to the centre of the city.
  • The hotel also benefits from a door-to-door access via subway from the International Airport. It is uniquely located in a nature park built by the government.
  • The project has the legal approval and appraisal reports from the Government and also can provide Business plan once the professional fee is paid. It also has the Certificate of Rehabilitation issued by Municipal Division of Urban Procedures and Management, Portugal. This is the high-end project by Marriott.



The Golden Visa Portugal is a form of a citizenship by investment program. If the potential investor fulfils the requirements that may gain the family residency in Portugal through the means of investing in Portugal benefits.  

  • You and the family  have permanent free entry and movement throughout the Schengen Area (26 European countries)
  • Strength of the Portuguese passport is the 6th most accepted passport in the world and have access to 186 countries
  • After five years, you can apply for Portuguese citizenship
  • Your dependent children aged below 18 and dependent parents will also qualify if aged over 66 years for the same benefits as you.
  • You only need to spend 7 days in the first year and 14 days in the subsequent years in Portugal (consecutively or non-consecutively)
  • The program is NOT blacklisted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), unlike many other Golden Visa programs
  • You have the option to become a non-habitual resident of Portugal and pay little or no tax for 10 years
  • You can choose from a range of relatively affordable investment options. We presently have two project we are promoting
  • You have the security of a second residence in a safe and stable country
  • You have freedom of opportunities for you and your family
  • Portugal doesn’t charge Tax on worldwide income



  • Be 18 years of age or older (no age limit)
  • Possess a valid passport and reside legally in a country
  • Submit a no-criminal record (we will guide you in obtaining the required clearance prior to lodgment of your application).
  • Possess an acknowledged Health Insurance Plan for the duration of the stay (we will guide you in the process of obtaining required health insurance during your stay for you and the family).
  • No net worth requirement needed for this application.
  • No minimum education level and no management experience requirement
  • Investment period for at least 5 years or until the time the investor can get the Permanent Residence card or Citizenship



Some of the advantages of obtaining a Portugal Golden Visa

  • No requirement for management experience
  • No requirement for age, language or education credentials to apply for Golden Visa
  • Simple Processing with all documents in order
  • Investment can be refundable after 5 years (Depends on the project)
  • Travelling visa-free in Europe’s Schengen Area
  • Portugal doesn’t charge tax on worldwide income
  • Eligibility to apply for Portuguese citizenship after five years of legal residency
  • Right to live, do business, to work, and to study in Portugal
  • High quality education system
  • Healthcare system
  • Low crime rate and high lifestyle options



The general processing time to obtain Residence is about 3 months, but in practice, it takes closer to  6-10 months.



The eligibility is about 60 months orelse 5 years you obtain your Citizenship. We will guide you with all the formalities for obtaining the Citizenship after 5 years waiting period.



The amount is EUR 280,000 presently INR 2,41,41,452.34 (OR) EUR 350,000, presently INR 3,01,76,815.42. The funds are invested in Real estate and have a guarantee on investment through buyback option.  



There is no annual return for the investment of EUR 280,000. The annual returns for EUR 350,000 vary based on project to project we deal and the availability.



The counterparts we deal with has almost a decade of experience and have a 100% success rate in Golden Visa applications and we at Bilimoria & Associate work on 100% refund policy on our professional fee, if the applicant and family members does not receive the visa.

We are liaison and appointed Representative with a renowned company, who are Lawyers by profession in Portugal  that has been able to successfully process over 300 golden visas applications until now in Portugal. The fact that most investors have applied via a rehabilitation investment in real state, makes it one of the leading experts in the real estate rehabilitation investment category from our company.

For the past years our company has been able to set an extraordinary standard in the Golden Visa Processing. Selecting as a partner, with all the developed expertise in this area, is in itself a guarantee to our success for our clients.



With your Golden Visa permit, you will be registered with the Schengen Area central system which will enable you to enter all European countries without the need for an additional visa.

The Portuguese passport is a top-notch travel document allowing visa-free travel to 186 countries.



 As a Golden Visa Portugal holder, you will not need to pay any additional taxes on your income produced outside of Portugal.  To read more on taxation enclosed the link:  Capital gain Taxes on the investment

You may, however, wish to benefit from the generous Non-Habitual Tax Regime by setting up your fiscal residence in Portugal and we will guide you on the above after you have obtained your visas. This may help you maximize fiscal efficiency pertaining to your global income.


Our applications are prepared and lodged by our team of immigration lawyers specialized in obtaining Portuguese citizenship.  The conditions can differ for EU and non-EU citizens and the latter can request personalized counseling from one of our immigration lawyers.

We can guide you and assist in the preparation of your immigration visa requirements which needs our continuous support for the period of five years. We strive to achieve the highest possible standards of professional service and success rate on every application that we lodge with the Immigration department.


Portugal Golden Visa Program 2022 – An All-Inclusive Guide 

Many countries across the world offer permanent residency and investment citizenship programs. These programs are an excellent option for investors to invest, work, live, and study in different countries. It also provides investors’ families to get alternate citizenship and travel freely across various destinations. Currently, there are 30 countries running citizenship by investment programs, and one of the top-rated is Portugal’s investment citizenship program.  Read More

Towards obtaining your EU visa through Golden Visa Program, please contact us at or call our office at  +91 44 2823 9229  / 4350 8191 /  2822 7127 / 2822 7222  for consultation or an appointment.


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