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THE RIVERSIDE, HOTEL FARO BY IHG:  We are now recommending you the new project “THE RIVERSIDE, HOTEL FARO” branded by IHG, an international brand for our new clients.  We have done all due diligence completed on this new project on EUR 280,000 towards residence permit to Portugal.

Please note this new project at EUR 280,000 maintains the same benefits on the success rate towards obtaining family Residence permit with the Immigration department of Foreigners and Borders Service Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras (SEF), the project also guarantees buy back after 6 years.

Free stay per year for 7 days.  It has all the same benefits as EUR 350,000 except that you don’t earn 3% interest on the capital investment, which is a return to you after the 6th year.



  • This is our 12th project that we are recommending to our clients.
  • The property is in Algarve region in the city of Faro and close to the airport.
  • The Faro city has won the best summer destination and beach destination for 2021.  
  • The city is a historical heritage and a tourist spot having attraction of 7 million tourist visiting every year. 
  • Total number of investors for this project is 145.
  • Each investor invests 280,000 EUR.
  • Project is valued at 40.6 million EUR.
  • Project is a 4-star signature hotel.
  • Comprises 133 boutique rooms.



  • This project has guaranteed buyback after 6 years.
  • This project the investor obtains 7 days free stay per year.
  • The Property Tax IMI is exempted during construction period.
  • The Faro hotel located close to Faro airport about 7 Km distance.  
  • The Municipal Property Transfer Tax (IMT) is paid by the Developer.
  • The project has the legal approval and has appraisal reports from the Government body.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax levied on sales & services in Portugal. VAT on the rehabilitation works included.
  • The project is designed under a solid concept and state of the art engineering and is a 4-star exclusive hotel.
  • The project “The Riverside, Hotel Faro” has all requirements that will meet towards obtaining the family Residence permit for your application with the Immigration department - SEF.



  • Project calls for investor from October 2022 and is expected to be completed in September 2024.



  • The Riverside, Hotel Faro is branded by IHG which is an international brand and is a 4-star signature hotel. The IHG Hotels & Resorts brands about 17 hotels, which are Suites, Luxury & More, which are: 
  • Atwell Suites (1 property) / avid hotels (11 properties) / Candlewood Suites (349 properties) / Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts (420 properties) / EVEN Hotels (19 properties) / Holiday Inn Club Vacations (28 properties) / Holiday Inn Express  (2,872 properties) / Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts (1,243 properties) / Hotel Indigo (130 properties) / HUALUXE Hotels and Resorts (10 properties) / InterContinental Hotels & Resorts (209 properties) / Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants (70 properties) / Regent Hotels & Resorts (7 properties) / Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas (18 properties) / Staybridge Suites (286 properties) / Vignette Collection (1 property) / voco Hotels (12 properties).



  • The “Tribute Portfolio” by Marriott completed in September 2021 and oversubscribed.
  • The “Holiday Inn Express Porto” joint venture with Holiday Inn, completed and oversubscribed in July 2021.
  • “Renaissance Hotel PORTO HOTEL by Marriott” was one of our biggest projects again got sold out even before cut off timeline.  The project expected to start its operation in 2023.
  • “Moxy Lisboa Park” by Marriott has started construction in 2022 and is now oversubscribed. The project expected to start its operation in 2024.
  • “Lisboa Skyview Hotel” by Hilton which is expected to be completed in 2024. 



  • We have been associated with the property developer for MORE THAN A DECADE for Canada and Portugal.  We have been successful on all our applications under the investment program with Mercan Properties. 
  • Our representation to immigration department – SEF have brought 100% success rate with Lawyers we deal who represent all our applications in Portugal.
  • We have 12 ongoing projects worth EUR 539.650 million in Portugal.
  • We have so far completed 5 projects worth EUR 75.1 million in Portugal.
  • We have detailed appraisal report from member of the Royal Institution of Chartered  Surveyors (RICS) on the project.
  • We have in total 17 projects with a project value of EUR 614,750 million in Portugal, which are processed by the Project Developers, who are well recognised and highly reputed in Portugal.
  • We have 100% success rate with the Immigration department of Foreigners and Borders Service Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras (SEF).



  • We along with the Law firm and the Property developer have almost a decade of experience and have a 100% success rate in Golden Visa applications. 

Please take the advantage towards lodging your Residence permit for Portugal under EUR 280,000 and EUR 350,000 investment programs that will benefit your family.



PROJECT -  PORTO ART'S SUITES:   This is a new project that, similarly to Broadway which will be under an Apart Hotel concept and therefore it will not be affected by the recently announced changes to the Golden Visa law.

Porto Art’s Suites, is comprised of 24 serviced apartments, that will be serviced by Porto Art’s Hotel (Belas Artes).

The Porto Art´s Suites project is part of the rehabilitation of Properties of Patrimonial Interest of the city of Porto, giving a new life to the history and culture that surrounds it.

Being a complete new built, brings added advantages to the rehabilitation process, since it provides the contractors team free range to prepare and build with new  materials allowing for a faster building time. Porto Arts Suites will be a perfect complement to the Porto Art’s Hotel providing an extra space and flexibility that a regular hotel room isn’t able to.


  • This project has 24 apartments with only 21 investors.


  • Starting from 356.900€ to 381.900€


  • 18 One Bed Rooms ranging from 356.900€ to 381.900€
  • 3 sets of Two Studios  (there will be 3 investors that will be able to buy 2 studios) for 386.900€


  • Total cost of the project is 7.6 MILLION


  • 3 serviced apartments
  • 24 freehold apartments

All the required approvals are obtained for this project and we have with us:

  • Appraisal Report
  • Business Plan
  • Other Supporting Documentation


  • Call for investors: till June 2021
  • Opening date: 2nd Semester of 2022


  • Porto Art´s Suites is located in Porto’s Old Town.
  • Situated in Rodrigues de Freitas Avenue, Porto Art´s Suites benefits from a great value setting consisting of historic buildings and a beautiful garden.
  • Of all points of interest of Avenida Rodrigues de Freitas, stands out as of great importance for the city the Faculty of Fine Arts, whose history dates back to 1780.
  • Also the well-known Garden of S. Lázaro, founded in 1834 is an inviting place of great beauty.
  • In front of the garden is the Porto Municipal Public Library, founded in 1833, by order of D. Pedro IV. Also on Rodrigues de Freitas Avenue, we can find the Church of Nossa Senhora da
  • Esperança, built between 1746 and 1763 and attributed to Nicolau Nasoni.
  • Porto Art´s Suites is surrounded by cosmopolitan life with multiple attractions. Poveiros Square is today an extension of Baixa, a place of entertainment and conviviality in its terraces.
  • Batalha Square, next to the beautiful and bustling Santa Catarina Street and facing the beautiful São João National Theater, is one of the must-see places.
  • Very close to the Porto Art´s Suites is the Porto Coliseum, the most important concert hall in the city.
  • In this framework, living is simply an art.



PROJECT - RENAISSANCE HOTEL PORTO HOTEL BY MARRIOTT:  One of the projects that we are recommending to our client presently to process their family application under Golden Visa Program through the project  “Renaissance Hotel PORTO HOTEL by Marriott”.  

  • This is a 56 million EUR Project with 160 investors and the project is to start its operation in year 2021.

  • Each investor invests 350,000 EUR.

  • It gives the investor 3% Annual Rental Guarantee.

  • Located in the centre of Porto, the Renaissance Hotel has the perfect location, within a 15-minute drive to the Airport and a 15-minute walking distance to the centre of the city.

  • The hotel also benefits from a door-to-door access via subway from the International Airport. It is uniquely located in a nature park built by the government.

  • The project has the legal approval and appraisal reports from the Government and also can provide Business plan once the professional fee is paid. It also has the Certificate of Rehabilitation issued by Municipal Division of Urban Procedures and Management, Portugal. This is the high-end project by Marriott.



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