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Canada Employment Visa


An applicant who do not wish for Immigration to Canada permanently but wish to work temporarily in Canada (and whose employer's have received a job validation from the Service Canada formally known as (HRSDC) can apply on Employment Authorisation to enter Canada on Temporary Residence visa Canada.

Many companies in Canada that are of medium-sized have vacancies due to shortage of qualified workers and they require skilled workers to fill in the employment vacancy.  The skill shortages will likely emerge in specific industry, occupations, and locations in coming decades, depending on a wide variety of economic, demographic and workplace-specific factors. One of these factors is the ageing of the Canadian populations.

Every year, employers from Canada hire foreign workers to work temporarily in Canada. Some employers also support the immigration of skilled workers to Canada by offering indeterminate employment in their company. These workers can fill skill and labor shortages in Canada, as well as bring new skills and knowledge to help our country’s economy grow.

Under the proposed changes, temporary foreign workers would need to demonstrate the following minimum requirements:

a)  Temporary resident status in Canada at the time of their application;
b)  Two years of skilled, professional or technical work experience with relevant to their qualification and work; 
c)  Moderate or basic language skills, depending on occupational skill level to take up prospective Temporary Residence status in Canada. 

Upon meeting the above, the applicant can also apply for Permanent Immigration to Canada if they meet the requirements.  Prospective applicants can contact our office to check your eligibility and will guide you in the preparation of Temporary Residence visa application.  



An applicant can apply for a Canada Employment visa (or)Temporary Work Permit in combination with an application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) recognizes the concept of "dual intent" whereby, you desire to work in Canada temporarily and thereafter reside and work in Canada permanently.

The benefits of obtaining a permanent Canadian job offer or a Canada Employment visa increases the opportunity for a successful application under the Skilled Worker / Professional category and the Canada Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) category.

Canada Immigration Visa Offices "fast-track" applications submitted under the Skilled Worker/ Professional category, where the applicant receives a valid job offer from a Canadian employer. Likewise, priority processing is given to all applications submitted under the Canada Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) category. In both situations, a Canada Immigration Visa should be issued in less than one year unless there are medical and/or security issues.

The benefit of a job offer is the starting point for obtaining a Temporary Work Permit.  Moving to Canada on an Employment visa / Work Permit is the quickest way to enter Canada and work. Canada employment visa process can usually be completed in a matter of days or weeks.

The Canadian employer of a Work Permit holder in Canada can offer the individual a permanent full-time job of indeterminate length and the new job offer will be considered Arranged Employment in Canada under the Skilled Worker/ Professional category of immigration.

At times it is difficult to find a good job in Canada while the applicant does not reside in Canada.  Getting a job offer from outside Canada is more of a challenge but certainly can be accomplished provided the prospective employer is keen to take the  services of the applicant base on the specialisation and his demand on occupation. 

Also, when an applicant obtains job offer and adds to his Canada Immigration application  meets the EOI requirement, this increases the chances to qualify under the Skilled Worker Category and to be selected from the Expression of Interest to lodge a successful Residence visa.   With higher points the applicant has better position to be invited to lodge Residence visa application to Canada.  

Effective from 19th November 2016, applicants are awarded either 200 or 50 points without the requirement to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment - LMIA and applicants with a new or existing LMIA can still be awarded points.

An applicant with a job offer of arranged employment can claim 200 or 50 points for the EOI application. Please Go through our Latest Immigration News page to know more information about claiming for EOI application.

The new guidelines also let the  applicants to be awarded points for a qualifying job offer as follows:

•    Applicants with a work permit issued under an international agreement, such as the North American Free Trade Agreement  - NAFTA.
•    Applicants with a work permit issued under the ‘significant benefits to Canada’ criteria, such as Intra-Company Transfers.

Applicants who are already working in Canada  in one of the following visa status may be able to obtain points for a job offer without the need to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment - LMIA are:  NAFTA /  Intra-Company Transfer /  Labour Market Impact Assessment-based Work Permits / Canada-Provincial/Territorial issued Work Permits / Canada-Provincial/Territorial issued Work Permits. 

This does not apply to the applicants with Post-Graduation Work Permits / International Experience Canada (IEC) / Work Permits issued to Spouses/Common-Law Partners of foreign workers and international students in Canada / All other Open Work Permits.

Therefore, from the recent changes advised  by Comprehensive Ranking System - CRS could majorly change the overall points  from the pool and the rate for an applicants based with a job offer who go on to receive an Invitation To Apply - ITA.  While the applicants  with a job offer will remain to be awarded a significant number of points  - 50 or 200, depending on the position and the applicant without a job offer may see their chances of success increasing.

We invite you to contact us to assist you  on your eligibility and guide you on how an applicant can process to apply under Canada Employer Sponsored Visa to work in Canada or under Skilled Worker Program.

Our immigration consultants will be happy to assess and check to see if you meet the requirements to qualify under the Canada Provincial Nominee Program.  Please complete the Assessment form for us to make an initial assessment on your data. write to us at  to assess your eligibility or  Call our office at +91 44 2822 7222 / 2823 9229 / 4350 8191 .



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