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  • Our Objectives - Provide direct, honest answers and follow up for success of every application.
  • Our Specialisation - Expert advise - specific to each application for all type of visas under General Skilled Visa, Investment visa to USA under EB5 & Canadian Investment visa.
  • Our Service - Efficient and Cost Effective Service in all areas relating to migration matters and visa services.
  • Our Success - Processed many applications with high success rate.
  • Our Legacy - 25 years of Professional Immigration experience with proven track record.
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    We are grateful to you all the days of our life for getting us PR for me and my family to Canada. Our experience goes back many years back when we migrated to Canada. I came to know about Bilimoria and Associate through my brother.

    You are very professional and well organized and we were very confident at our first meeting with you that we will definitely get PR to Canada. You always motivated us and you were very patient with the number of questions we asked with regards to PR processing. You always gave us a checklist which made our work easier for getting all the documents required for PR processing. You always double check the documents before it is lodged and this is the reason for your success. 

    At one point, we were worried because of the frequent policy changes but you were confident that we would get the PR in spite of the policy changes. I remember that once our application was lodged, you told us to relax, get a new fridge, tv etc and not to worry and be patient. We were very happy when you called us and said that you have good news for us and that our PR was approved and we thanked the Almighty for guiding us through Bilimoria and Associate. You have a very good team at your office and we also thank your office for their best service.

    We have become Canadian citizens now. Our daughters studied at University of Toronto and are well placed in good companies too. My husband and myself were lucky to get good jobs in our own fields. We are very grateful to you for all that you have done for us.

    We would like all the applicants to have faith, patience and trust Bilimoria and Associate as Neville and his team are experienced immigrant consultants and will definitely help you get PR and make your dreams come true. 

    I would highly recommend the services of Bilimoria and Associate for a successful immigration. 

    Thanks Neville and God bless you.



    A friend recommended me for the process as I was looking for an immigration consultant that could help with Australia immigration process.

    We decided to process our application for Canada and the PR process took quite a long time because of the extensive documentation that is required. We were able to get the PR so our experience was good.

    This was my first time working with Bilimoria & Associate, my friend had success so I was optimistic. We were very happy when we got our visas to Canada as we had been waiting for a long time for the completion of the  PR processes. The staff has been very helpful and approachable during the preparation of our application. We did not have any issues.

    I would recommend Bilimoria & Associate for the immigration process to Canada. I would say that anybody who is trying to immigrate needs to be patient and take the process step by step as there are many stages and each has its own hurdles.



    Applying for permanent residency in any country is no easy task. There is a ton of paper work that need to be completed. Not to mention the laws and regulations that one needs to upto date on. Billimoria & Associate have been in the immigration business for 27+ years. This expertise made it an easy choice for me. Further, they did not accept my case immediately. They made sure that my case was a feasible one before they proceeded with lodging the application.

    While in the US, I was working full time in addition to attending a full time Masters program. When I went to Neville with my case, he made it easy for me every step of the way.  Every step was well explained including the timeline. There was not much of an ambiguity in terms of what was needed from me to get the job done.

    Once I provided the necessary documents, Neville and his team took care of everything. Despite minor setbacks that came up in my application, Neville expertly dealt with it by contacting the immigration body and resolving it by building a strong case. This was super-impressive.

    Based on what I had heard, I was indeed confident that Neville would be able get the permanent residency in Canada. Even when there were small issues that came up, Neville assured me that we would be able to navigate through without any issues and it was proved in his actions as well.

    I was extremely happy and was relieved when heard that my visa was approved. I was glad I went with Neville and his team over someone in the US who would not have understood my case and culture as well as Neville did. Neville's expertise was much needed and played a crucial role in the success of my case.

    Neville and his team were extremely approachable. I was able to get answers to any questions I had be it through phone, email or messages. Even in situations I needed immediate help, Neville was able to help me. 

    I think it's important that people understand their end goal when approaching Neville with their case. Also having some idea of the process ahead of time is helpful. Neville does a great job of explaining the process as well. I would trust Neville and his team.

    I would recommend to my relatives and friends the immigration services of B&A for processing their visa application.


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