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  • Our Objectives - Provide direct, honest answers and follow up for success of every application.
  • Our Specialisation - Expert advise - specific to each application for all type of visas under General Skilled Visa, Investment visa to USA under EB5 & Canadian Investment visa.
  • Our Service - Efficient and Cost Effective Service in all areas relating to migration matters and visa services.
  • Our Success - Processed many applications with high success rate.
  • Our Legacy - 25 years of Professional Immigration experience with proven track record.
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  • you showed the same dedication, conviction and sincerity

    Manu and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff in assisting us with the application process for the first time British passport for our children. 

    When we decided to apply and started getting the relevant documents together is when we realized the enormity of the task ahead, checking the details of documents, corrections that had to be done, putting some order to the mountain of copies that had to be made etc, at this time in a causal conversation with our common friend to your persistent dedication to fitness and the numerous marathons that you have done and the charity organizations that you support, it was the very next day that we called you and fixed an appointment!

    We make the reference to the conversation because from day one you showed the same dedication, conviction and sincerity as required to run the numerous marathons, in dealing with our application. 

    We also thank the staff at your office who worked most diligently and were always polite and courteous.

    We would most definitely recommend Bilimoria & Associate to anyone looking for an immigration consultant, it is always a laborious task and one in which your entire personal/ financial details are required to be submitted and therefore it is important that the consultant holds to a high standard of ethics, which one can definitely find with Neville and his team.



    When I first started exploring in the internet about visa consultants in Chennai. The name Bilimoria & Associate of the consultant was really different and it struck me . When I read the reviews they were all good so I wanted to give a try.  I had a few conversations with some other visa consultants but I could find a lack of depth in knowledge so That's how I landed up choosing B&A.

    The overall handling of the application process was efficient with attention to detail in every aspect and proper orderly presentation of the prepared work.

    The first time I applied on my own for both my in-laws and the visa got rejected. This time my in-laws were really satisfied with the way things were handled by Bilimoria & Associate and it was truly professional and we were really awaiting a positive outcome.

    It came as a big relief as I was getting really desperate since a lot of things were at stake because of this, I was overwhelmed by the result of the application’s approval.

    The visa consultancy has strict time schedules, orelse their office contact time I would say it was a bit difficult for me at times to contact the office because of my work pattern and that I had to contact them from abroad but nevertheless there was always a response.

    I would say the processing fees was expensive to be honest but you can happily sleep over it as the process is taken care of and he carefully scrutinises before agreeing to consider an application and he would not do something for money. I would give him that and he instils confidence by way of his work ethics and his soothing  words.  I would strongly recommend anyone to contact Mr Bilimoria who has got proper information and the expertise for getting a successful outcome for the visa application.

    I would advise you to give adequate time as he says for the application because it takes a lot of team work by the consultancy and yourself for getting the application and the documents right and he would not agree to submit a half-hearted application. I would say we need people like Mr Bilimoria whom has got the rightful experience and expertise to deal with difficult visa situations and he would always deliver the goods.



    Since Athina's application was rejected for FLIMSY REASON as stated in the letter from UK Embassy, I thought to file the application through a professional office who does such issues, to consult, discuss, prepare, and then submit visa application form so it will not be rejected. I studied in the web on such CONSULTANTS, and choose your company, mainly as you are a Parsi by birth, I have great respect for your community for ETHICS and HONOUR.

    Honestly, I was impressed on the first meeting with you, the following meetings made me comfortable. Your words were measured and said to the point. We have to grasp the INNER meaning of it, and I enjoyed. As I mentioned above, I was VERY CONFIDENT that your assistance and advise would be more than we thought/expected to get the visa. Very meticulous method you follow and try to explain to us.

    Until we got the visa, we were nervous. But the phone call you made to Athina few days before we received the advise SMS/mail from Embassy , relieved from anxious moments and was sure of getting visa. YES. VERY HAPPY AT LAST!!!!!  Always your staff were kind, courteous and polite in treating us. Thank them.

    Once again, THANKS, Mr. Bilimoria. Good to know you, Sir.


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