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Canada Employer Sponsored visa

Canada requires many immigrants to make Canada their home. Canada is actively looking at foreign workers and professionals to help grow the strong national. Work in Canada is an important aspect of Canada immigration.  Whether you are looking for permanent or temporary work in Canada, or you are a Canadian employer seeking to bring in skilled foreign professionals from abroad, our immigration consultants will guide you to fulfill your goals under the Canadian Employer Sponsored Visa. 

Any non-Canadian candidate, an Employer wish to employ may well qualify for Independent Canada immigration under the points system.  Since the Independent immigration visa takes longer time  to process and the company inturn urgently requires an employee, the company will probably use this visa class to sponsor an employee. The above process takes only 4 to 6 weeks to obtain the Canadian Employer Sponsored visa.

This category of Canada work visa is frequently used by employers to bring in senior managers/highly skilled employees who are on demand. It can also be used to employ highly skilled individuals to fill a vacancy which has been validated to show that, despite significant recruitment efforts, it has not been possible to find a suitably skilled Canadian permanent resident.  The applicant  do not need to be validated by a Human Resource Centre in Canada which makes an application somewhat easier.   
Some of the applicants who will qualify under Canada Employer Sponsored Visa:
• Senior Managers or Executives to enter Canada as intra-company transferees can qualify under this category. 
• Engineers or technicians going to supervise the installation of equipment sold by their company to a Canadian purchaser or going to repair or service such equipment.
• Volunteers who have been offered positions with registered Canadian religious or charitable organisation can apply. 
• Musicians and performers who have a contract to perform in Canada. 
• Film crews going to film documentaries or travelogues in Canada. 
• Exchange Professors. 
• Post-doctoral fellows. 
Canadian Human Resource Centre - Apart from the above exceptions, vacancies will need to be 'validated' by the Canadian Human Resource Centre, which needs to be persuaded that there are no Canadians, or permanent residents who can fill the vacancy before you start the process of applying for the Canada work visa/Employer sponsored visa. There is little point in applying for validation unless the candidate has skills in very short supply.
Dependants - Generally the spouse of those with work authorization will need to have their own work authorization to be able to work in Canada. This means that their job offer will have to be validated by the Canadian Human Resources Centre as described above. The only difference is that they can apply from within Canada.  
IT professionals - A special project has been developed to streamline the inflow of highly skilled Software Professionals. 
Documents required to lodge Canadian Employer Sponsored visa - An applicant should furnish the following documents such as Completed form, Job offer letter, qualification documents, employer references and validation from a Canadian Human Resources Centre are some of the important documents needed to lodge a successful Employer Sponsored visa. 
If a candidate has sufficient points and meets the requirement he can qualify for Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa without a Canadian job offer letter or without Canada Employer Sponsored Visa. 
There are essentially two types of job offers that a Canadian employer can make: 
• A temporary job offer is an offer of Canadian employment that is made for a specific period of time – 6 months, 1 year, etc… You can only begin working, in most cases, after you receive a Temporary Work Permit. 
• A permanent job offer is an offer of Canadian employment that is made for an indeterminate period of time. You can only begin working after you receive your Canada Immigration Visa.
Bilimoria & Associate will provide a detailed checklist when an applicant decides to take our service towards the successful outcome of this application.  
Our immigration consultants will be happy to assess and check to see if your skills and experience meets the requirement for you to qualify  on Canada Employer Sponsored visa requirements.  Please complete the Assessment form for us to make an initial assessment on your data.
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