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Steps For Lodging An Application

Bilimoria & Associate has a qualified team of immigration experts and visa experts who are well versed with the Immigration rules; we are also well updated with the changes in rules which happen from time to time. Each data is assessed carefully based on the prevailing policy and pass mark that has been set by the Immigration department. The clients are advised on their possibilities of eligibility for Canada Immigration before a family application can be lodged with the Immigration department. We guide you through the steps to apply for Canada Immigration. Below is the Canada immigration procedure followed by our team.

Before we start with preparation of an application, we have the applicant's data assessed to find if the applicant meets the pass mark and if his occupation is listed in the National Occupation Category (NOC).

  • ASSESSMENT: Bilimoria & Associate does the assessment purely on the basis of information provided by the applicant and the initial discussions that the applicant has with us. In case of any second opinion needed we have a strong backing of our panel of immigration lawyers, who will give us a second opinion before the application is lodged. Therefore, an applicant could be rest assured that our opinion matches the opinion of the respective Case officer when we submit an application to the respective countries. Once the data is received by our office we will assess and advise the applicant to proceed in preparing the application for lodgment.
  • TELEPHONIC CONSULTATION: We also would be happy to take Telephone Consultation service to enable you to contact our office and talk to one of our Visa Consultants. We have many outstation clients who make use of Telephonic consultation to clear all their doubts and we are happy to assist the client to proceed further. Our immigration consultants will ensure that the client understands the obligations under any particular Visa categories to Canada and give advice to the client to improve the chances of success in their immigration to Canada.
  • EMAIL CONSULTATION: The Email consultation service offers you the convenience to clarify your queries by email which is replied by our Senior Immigration Consultant. This service allows members to receive answers to their queries about the immigration process of a client's application. You can email us your query and expect a reply within one business day. This service will give you peace of mind, guide you through the application process, and make sure that you get the answers to your clarifications.
  • CONSULTATION IN-PERSON: After the assessment is completed, if it is required we would be happy to meet clients in person at Bilimoria & Associate, Chennai Consultation service to assist you with immigration & visa advice. Our Visa Consultants can give you a professional consultation regarding your visa application to Canada. After meeting our experienced immigration Consultants, you will gain peace of mind and answers to all your questions.
  • DOCUMENT PREPARATION: Once it is understood that the applicant will qualify and has the potential to qualify, we then prepare the application for lodgment, we would prepare the application with a detailed checklist that will be provided to the applicant towards collecting all the supporting documents specific to the application. We will also discuss improving your application once the case is started with Bilimoria & Associate. We would also mark out samples of the documents that we require/ask for an applicant to furnish to complete your application. Once all documentation is in order, we will proceed for lodgment for a successful outcome of an application.
  • IELTS: We would assist and guide you in the preparation of your IELTS (International English Language Testing System) which is a mandatory requirement for your application. We will provide you with the IELTS study material. We also do the assessment of an individual's command over the English language before we can recommend you to our coaching center, which are well qualified and competent to advise you and suggest you a program to improve and develop your language proficiency before you take up the IELTS test.

    We also do the registration of IELTS application through our own office base with the British Council or IDP registered Council towards your IELTS application, which is prepared by Bilimoria & Associate.

EDUCATIONAL CREDENTIAL ASSESSMENT CANADA (ECA): Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has designated few organizations / professional bodies to assess the credentials for Canada Immigration purpose. Based on the qualification of an applicant that needs to be assessed by the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) body.

We will assist the application with the preparation of Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) application and will lodge the ECA on behalf of the applicant. Also, we will guide the applicant towards completion of the verification report which is a mandatory requirement towards obtaining a favourable ECA report.

Once the ECA assessment Canada is completed the assessing body will issue an original report stating the equivalency of your educational qualification in Canada.

The Processing times and costs may vary by organization or professional body we choose to have the ECA Canada report obtained.

If an applicant's assessment report shows that it is not been equivalent to or comparative to Canadian standards, your application will not be taken into consideration while lodging under the Canada Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Program.


  • EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) LODGMENT: Once the applicant meets the requirement of having the pass mark based on the profile under Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Category. The applicant should also have a favorable IELTS test results with the minimum score that is required, along with a favorable Educational Credential Assessment report and the next step will be towards collecting all supporting documents that is required for preparing an Expression of Interest (EOI) application.

Applicants along with your family members can apply through the Canada Express Entry immigration selection system. Entry has become the key factor of skilled worker immigration to Canada and one of the most popular immigration systems in the world.

The Express Entry system consists of two stage online process for applications. Prospective candidates who meet the requirements can apply towards lodging Expression of Interest profile. If the candidate meets the eligibility requirements then the profile is accepted to the Express Entry pool.

PROVINCIAL NOMINEE PROGRAM (PNP): After an application is lodged under Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Category through Canada Express Entry, some applicants may require Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) to reach the threshold points for their application in order to be selected from the Express Entry pool.

One of the options for adding points to an application is to obtain Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). We will guide the applicant on how they should go about obtaining Provincial Nomination for the application to be picked up from Express Entry system. Only after an application is lodged and is in the Express Entry pool, the applicant will have an option to apply for Provincial Nomination.

Provincial Nomination certificate from a Province Nomination Program in Canada is now by far the most valuable option when applying for Express Entry with immigration to Canada.

According to Canadian Express Entry figures, almost 50% of prospective immigrant applicant are now issued an Invitation to apply for permanent residency.

Each applicant in order to become a provincial nominee, the applicants must show that they meet the set criteria. This will show that the applicant has the skills, education and work experience to be able to contribute to the local economy and society to live in Canada.


  • IMMIGRATION LODGMENT: Once the Expression of Interest (EOI) application is invited based on the highest-ranking applicants, based with or without Province Nomination, an application is then eligible to lodge Residence application. We will guide the applicant towards collecting all supporting documents that is required for immigration lodgment.
  • The applicant is given time by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to submit all supporting documents for lodging the family application towards obtaining Residence visa to Canada.
  • We will make sure that every document that is required will be prepared for a successful outcome. This is a crucial step where the applicant must submit all the civil documents and other documents towards obtaining Residence visa to Canada.
  • AFFILIATION: Bilimoria & Associate liaise with Member of Law Society of Upper Canada and Canadian Bar Association (Immigration section) (CPTLS). Check out the details here: Affiliation
  • BRIEFING ON PRE-DEPARTURE: Bilimoria & Associate provides the client with vital information after the visa is approved towards pre-departure procedures.
  • The client receives information on things that one need to carry when he makes the first visit to the country.
  • Also, guide with make contacts with prospective employers and job search programmers prior to making the first entry.
  • POST ARRIVAL SERVICES CANADA: For more information on post landing services after the visa is obtained, visit Settlement Services

Bilimoria & Associate's mission is to enable prospective immigrants to take advantage of Canada's strong economy and urgent need for skilled and business migrants who can expect to enjoy a high standard of living, excellent educational facilities and real Quality of Life in Canada.

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