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Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW)

Immigration to Canada based on the Canada Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Category is a very popular visa program and is intended for candidates with high levels of skills and experience. Canada immigration also includes a special visa category for Business immigration to Canada.

Skilled workers are candidates who are selected as permanent residents based on their ability to become economically established in Canada. Canada values the skills and experiences that of a Skilled Worker and Professionals. Canada is a country of immigrants and the government has relaxed the Immigration process for Professionals and Skilled Worker Canada for the economic and cultural development of Canada.

The Immigration department announced another step in measures to improve the Canada immigration program responsiveness to Canada's labour market for Faster Immigration issuing instructions to visa officers reviewing new Canada Federal Skilled Worker program applications to process those from candidates who are on the High-demand occupations such as health, skilled trades, finance and resource extraction; or should have an offer of Arranged Employment or have already been living legally in Canada for one year as a Temporary Foreign Worker or international Student to qualify.

There was a major change on the points score requirement and the points score requirement was reduced from 75 to 67 points. The fall in the pass mark made considerable increase in the number of candidates, who could meet the Canada visa requirements and to qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) category.

The present pass mark of 67 points has greatly increased the number of candidates who can come under the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) category. This is the most popular visa category for candidates to qualify for immigration to Canada. If a candidate can gain at least 67 points, the candidate is eligible to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) profile.

To facilitate the entry of Skilled Workers and Professionals into Canada for the economic and cultural development of Canada, the Human Resources Development Canada (Labor Department of Canada) has produced a list of occupations known as National Occupation Classification (NOC)

Based on this list, Immigration Department of Canada has formulated immigration regulations for issuing immigrant visa to Skilled workers and Professionals and their families.

The Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program lets skilled professionals with substantial work experience, employability, and adaptability to obtain permanent residence in Canada.


All applications for the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Program have been made through the new  Canada Express Entry system.Candidates must meet the requirements under the expression of interest process before applying for their Canada family visa.


The Canada immigration Federal Skilled Worker Program is points-based, with candidates being assessed on criteria such as age, education, experience, language skills, adaptability, and whether they have an existing job offer in Canada.

To learn more on the points system under the Federal Skilled Worker fsw Program Canada, enclosed the link in our  Canadian Skilled Workers Points System page. To know more about the latest news on federal skilled worker program canada requirements, visit our immigration news page.


Under the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the eligibility for an applicant to qualify are based on many criteria before an application can be granted visa and the candidate should score the pass mark of minimum 67 points on the  Canadian Skilled Workers Points System page.

Please follow the link on the Points system to check your eligibility and the National Occupation Classification (NOC). The list determine if your occupation is on the demand list towards processing your permanent residence visa to Canada.


A candidate should meet the minimum requirement of meeting the Express Entry profile selection process under the points system and the candidate's profile must meet the requirement of three below skills which are important for the Express Entry application before their visa is processed and visa is granted. The Express Entry profile of the principal applicant should meet the following:

  • AGE



Under the Federal Skilled Worker Program a candidate should have substantial work experience in a skilled role, which should meet the required conditions:

  • The candidate should have total of at least 1,560 hours; approximately one year of full-time work.
  • The candidate should have a paid job, or multiple paid jobs where one has the supporting documents to prove that he was paid for his work experience.
  • The candidate should have work experience that can be taken into consideration to claim points in the last 10 years
  • The candidate should have work experience obtained in a managerial, skilled professional, or skilled trade role in Canada's National Occupation Classification (NOC)



The language skills play very important role for the success of an application. The candidate must have practical proficiency in English, French, or both languages which inturn will award him sufficient points for him to qualify.

To demonstrate the candidate must provide test results from the following language test providers on their Express Entry profile that need to be obtained before the application can be lodged under the Express Entry for his permanent residence visa application:

  • Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) , OR
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS), OR
  • Test de evaluation de francais (TEF)





Candidates must also have sufficient settlement funds for themselves and their family members, and the funds should be able to provide with bank statements or other supporting documents with regarding to the above. The settlement funds vary based on the size of the family members which includes the applicant, spouse and children.

Our team at Bilimoria & Associate who are specialised in Immigration visas can guide you in preparing a successful Canada Express Entry profile for your application with proper National Occupation Category and make sure that you meet all the criteria for your application for your Express Entry profile to be selected.

Bilimoria & Associate liaise with Member of Law Society of Upper Canada and Canadian Bar Association (Immigration section) (CPTLS). All applications for Canada visa for Indians are scrutinized and prepared by a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Bilimoria & Associate's mission is to enable prospective immigrants to take advantage of Canada's strong economy and urgent need for skilled and business migrants who can expect to enjoy a high standard of living, excellent educational facilities and real Quality of Life in Canada. Or Call our office on +91 44 2822 7222 / +91 44 2823 9229 / +91 44 2822 7127 / +91 444 350 8191 (or) Write to us at


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