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Family & Dependants

The Canadian Government understands that families wish to be together and the family immigration to Canada is permitted for many members of the family.Those who wish to apply for family immigration to Canada from India with the family members such as spouse, children, parents, grandparents and other members need to meet the Canada family immigration requirements.

There is a halt on parents/grand-parents applications for two years, but spouses and dependent children continue to be accepted/processed by the Immigration department of Canada.

SPOUSE  - A spouse or common-law partner of a Permanent Resident visa holder can normally be sponsored to move to Canada on Permanent Residence visa.  The relevant forms need to be completed and similar information needs to be provided as for the "Principal Applicant" along with other supporting documents.  This is normally a straightforward Canada family visa application approved if all the information is in order.

A Family Class and Spousal application have two different parts towards the process: 

1. Application to Sponsor, and 
2. Application for Permanent Residence visa to Canada   

The applications in this category are filed together at the Case Processing Centre (CPC) in Mississauga, Ontario where the SPO (Sponsorship) application is processed.  Once the Sponsorship application is completed at Case Processing Centre (CPC), the CPC adds the Sponsorship approval to the PR application and sends it to the respective Canadian Embassy or Consulate for that jurisdiction.

With spousal applications, the Permanent Residence visa applicant does their medical BEFORE submission or can be completed at a later stage. Since the medical is only valid for 12 months,  the family is advised to do the medical just prior to submission of the Canada family visa application since the applicant will have more time for the validity of his/her visa. 

Also, this is one way that the Canada Family Visa applications (Spousal category) have been processed faster in the respective Canadian Embassy / Consulate. The present Family Class and Spouse applications are processing with a time period of 10-11 months , orelse 2-3 months for SPO processing, and 8 months for Permanent Residence visa processing.

Bilimoria & Associate will be happy to guide the Spouse application towards preparation of the application for a successful outcome.

CHILDREN  - Your unmarried children under 19 can be included in your own application for immigration to Canada. This is also normally a straightforward family Canada immigration application approved if all the information are in order. Children over 19 can be included if they are in full-time education and still financially dependent on the principal applicant.  Children who are married may be included in family immigration to Canada if they are in full-time education, and are still financially dependent on you.

PARENTS - Parents can normally be assessed for family immigration to Canada, only after the applicant has settled in Canada.  Further, the Canada family immigration requirements are somewhat more onerous, than is the case for applications relating to a spouse or a child; there are strict financial requirements that must be met before a parent can gain entry to Canada on the strength of their children's presence there.

These financial requirements vary depending on the number of dependants already living with the sponsor, and the part of Canada in which they reside. In rare cases where the parents are living in some hardship, and there are compelling humanitarian and compassionate reasons to do so, an application may be made at the same time that the sponsor is applying for immigration to Canada.

GRANDPARENTS  -  Grandparents can be admitted under requirements similar to those for parents outlined above.

OTHERS  - Sponsorship applications can be made for orphaned relatives under 19 years of age such as brother, sister, nephew, niece or grandchild. Further, you can normally sponsor a child under 19 years of age that you plan to adopt subject to the relevant adoption laws.

We will be happy to assess and check to see if you meet the requirements to qualify  as a dependent for Canada Immigration as a  Business Immigrant .  Please complete the Assessment form for us to make an initial assessment on your data.

Call our office on  +91 44 2822 7222 / 2823 9229 / 4350 8191   Or write to us at  to assess your eligibility.


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