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Employment information for Canada 2022

CANADA ANNOUNCES OVER 1 MILLION JOB POSITIONS:  The job vacancies in Canada reached all time high record in March 2022.  Job vacancies were up in all provinces in Canada.  The job vacancies reached a record high in Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. 


CANADA TO WELCOME OVER 108,000 NEW PERMANENT RESIDENTS FOR 2022:  The Minister for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, announced that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) advised that surpassed its goal to make 147,000 permanent residence final decisions in the first quarter of 2022, doubling the number. 

Read more:  CANADA GOALS FOR 2021–2022, WITH OVER 210,000

Through these efforts, Canada has welcomed over 108,000 new permanent residents so far this year.

  • The Canadian companies were actively looking for to fill more than one million vacant positions at the beginning of March 2022, according to Statistics Canada’s latest report on payroll employment, earnings and hours, and job vacancies.
  • The job vacancies in Canada reached all time high record-high of 1,012,900 in March 2022, more than the previous record of 988,300 in September 2021.
  • Here was an increase in 186,400 vacancies between February and March. The job vacancy rate, which actions the number of vacant positions as a proportion of vacant and filled positions, matched the record high of 5.9% 
  • Vacancies improved by more than one third in both housing and food services as well as retail trade.
  • Employers in housing and food services were seeking to fill about 158,100 positions, and retail employers had some 109,200 vacancies.
  • There were record levels of job vacancies in health care and social assistance as well as construction.
  • Health care and social assistance employers were seeking to fill 154,500 vacancies, and construction employers were seeking an unprecedented 81,900 employees.
  • Job vacancies were up in all provinces.
  • The largest month-over-month increases were observed in some of the provinces such as in Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador. The job vacancies reached a record high in Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

When an applicant receives the Permanent Residence visa to Canada, one of the first steps should be to begin studying possibilities of employment in Canada. Most occupations in Canada are not regulated. For those occupations, the employer is accountable for assessing and identifying your qualifications.

Though some jobs are controlled and do not permit applicants to work without a license. To obtain a license to practice regulated jobs in Canada, you must go through a valuation and an acceptance of your education and professional qualifications by a governing body.

Most of the Govt. bodies respond and help on the registration requirement when you have a work visa or Permanent Residence visa in Canada. This valuation will compare your training, education and experience to Canadian requirements.

The valuation will also help fix whether further training and evaluation may be needed before you obtain a license to practice your occupation in Canada.

The above links suggest information on essential skills, job descriptions, work conditions and opportunities in Canada. It will likewise tell you whether your occupation is a regulated profession in Canada.

Be conscious that there is NO GUARANTEE that you will find work in your preferred occupation for which an applicant must restructure the profile while applying for employment. 

Most applicants who plan to move to Canada to settle permanently and who wish to enter the labour force will need to know the value of the education, training, and experience they have acquired outside Canada.

The following information will help you to understand how one should go about having their credentials assessment for Canada immigration.  Enclosed link for more details: Recognition and assessing your credential

Bilimoria & Associate will guide you towards meeting all requirements for obtaining Residence visa on having your qualification assessed by Educational Credential Assessment body and work experience, which is very important for your job search in Canada.  The company will guide you and assist you in job search program, but will not guarantee you an employment or job offer while you are in your home country.   Please note Bilimoria & Associate is not a job recruitment consultant. 



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