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  • Our Objectives - Provide direct, honest answers and follow up for success of every application.
  • Our Specialisation - Expert advise - specific to each application for all type of visas under General Skilled Visa, Investment visa to USA under EB5 & Canadian Investment visa.
  • Our Service - Efficient and Cost Effective Service in all areas relating to migration matters and visa services.
  • Our Success - Processed many applications with high success rate.
  • Our Legacy - 25 years of Professional Immigration experience with proven track record.
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    We chose to process with Bilimoria & Associate since we knew Neville personally, so there was no second choice.

    The entire experience was very satisfied and impressed with the way everything was handled on our Australian PR application. 

    We didn't give that much thought on the process of our application at first but slowly understood the process and realised that we had a chance to succeed with our PR visa to Australia.

    We were super thrilled, excited and relieved when we got to know on the approval of the visa.

    We didn't get to interact directly much with the staffs of Bilimoria & Associate through the process but if we ever had to call, they knew exactly who and what was happening to update us on our application.

    Our advise to all new applicants would be to have patience and follow the process and advice.  We would definitely recommend Bilimoria & Associate to our friends.  We would advise the new applicants to contact Neville for a very professional opinion.

    “Thank you for everything Neville. We are very happy we came to you”.



    Today we are very excited to write this testimony as by the Grace of God we have received our Visa Grant. My husband had a very bad experience previously by lodging his PR Application with another Immigration Agent. He was disheartened by the way they lured him to do the process even though he didn’t have the experience or education required for that process then. This experience made him to lose his opinion of all the agents / consultancy  except one, and that was Mr Neville from Bilimoria & Associate.

    My husband knew Mr Neville from the year 2006, when he went for counselling along with his friend. He was looking to go to Canada, but Mr Neville advised him that his experience was not enough to apply for it at that moment. Years later, we thought to migrate to Australia. Though we were settled in Kuwait, and we have loads of Migration Agents in Kuwait, but still my husband first preference was to approach Mr Neville. As he knew that Mr Neville is a trustworthy and reliable person. He advises and guides you diligently at every process.

    We sent Mr Neville an email and got the response immediately. Then we met him first time during one of our vacations. As assumed, I was really impressed with the way he explained us the process and duration. Not only this, he also guided us to take IELTS or PTE. There were times when we ourselves doubted our abilities, but he always used to boost our confidence and motivate us by saying you can do it.

    We started our process with Skill assessment, he guided us properly on the documents that were required and the process. Within a month we got the Skill assessment results. Then the wait period started for the State Nomination. All through these Mr Neville was very approachable and always there to clarify our doubts.

    We submitted the EOI and we received the positive outcome  within a month. We lodged the Visa application with the Immigration department. Like others we were very tensed and were counting the days. All these times, Mr Neville as usual was motivating and communicating with us about the process.

    We received a co contact for further documents, which was again guided by Mr Neville.  We were elated to hear the news that we have been granted the Visa for Australia. This was our dream, a dream that became possible only with persistence and hard work. I still remember a month before this while I was on phone with Mr Neville, I casually asked him “Do you think we will get through this” and I was surprised by his reply, he said, “You will get it”, this confidence is what brought us this far.

    We are grateful to Mr Neville and his team for diligently leading us to where we are today. We really appreciate their time, support and advise. Believe us, they will make you to believe on your dreams. Thank you for your professionalism and patience with us throughout this long process. At times it was very exhausting and emotional, but still you always guided and supported us.

    We would like to advice the new applicants to be ready with all documents that are requested by the team, as the Australian Immigration system is very complex, and only an experienced migration  consultant / agent can tell you what documents are required based on legal factors. If you are with the right  consultant / agent, then 80% of your application is already processed and the remaining 20% depends on your consistent desire to succeed.

    We would highly recommend Mr Neville for his excellent work and consistent results. We can vouch on Bilimoria & Associates professionalism and reliability.

    Priya Kishore (Graphic Designer), Kishore Kumar (Service Team Leader) , Kuwait.


    I came to Bilimoria & Associate as I'd heard that Neville (word of mouth) was the man to go to if you needed any help with immigrating to the West/Oceania. The entire process from their part was streamlined. The step by step approach was much appreciated towards the entire process of my application. 

    As I said before, the reputation of Bilimoria & Associate as an individual/firm that goes to great lengths to achieve a positive outcome, preceded by them. The staff were always polite and helpful towards preparation of my application.

    I'd tell the new clients to have faith in B&A knowledge of how the system works. To call them if in doubt and to abide by their guidance.

    Absolutely I would recommend all my friends and relatives to use the services of Bilimoria & Associate. 

    This is a desperately hard time in your life and you want a Captain like Neville to guide you out of these choppy waters. 


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