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  • Our Objectives - Provide direct, honest answers and follow up for success of every application.
  • Our Specialisation - Expert advise - specific to each application for all type of visas under General Skilled Visa, Investment visa to USA under EB5 & Canadian Investment visa.
  • Our Service - Efficient and Cost Effective Service in all areas relating to migration matters and visa services.
  • Our Success - Processed many applications with high success rate.
  • Our Legacy - 25 years of Professional Immigration experience with proven track record.
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    My father was a previous customer of Mr. Neville Bilimoria. When I decided to try for immigration visa for me and my family, my father introduced me to Neville, who provided an elaborate explanation about various processes related to immigration. After detailed evaluation, I decided to try for Canadian immigration. 

    Albeit comprehensive, the entire experience with the process was clear and concise. Mr. Neville provided a detailed oral and written explanation in addition to elaborating each of the procedures involved at different stages of the application. 

    Looking at the intricacies involved in each of the processes, it did look bleak in the beginning, however as and when each of the processes were completed, my confidence started building up. Mr. Neville and his team constantly followed up on the documents to be submitted which in turn gave me confidence that they are gearing up for success. 

    To be honest, I had mixed feelings since the wait was over and I now have to move to a new country. That said, my family was happy as we were moving to the next phase of our life in a new destination to Canada.

    Neville’s office staff were knowledgeable and courteous while they were managing each of the document submission, communication and follow-ups. They were never hesitant to explain the intricacies and urgencies involved in each of the processes.

    Mr. Neville Bilimoria and his team are experienced immigration consultant who have the right skills and attitude to help people immigrate to their desired destinations. I would recommend immigration aspirants to reach out to Bilimoria & Associate so that they can fulfil their immigration dreams.

    I have already referred Bilimoria & Associate to many of my friends and relatives who were looking to immigrate to a new country.

    While you decide to immigrate, I would advise you to choose a country based on your desire, education, experience, career opportunities, economic growth etc. Post you decide, I would suggest you talk to Mr.Neville and his team and get their expert guidance whether the decided destination is right for you. Once this step is over, the rest involves just procedures and processes which you can confidently rely on Neville and his team to help you succeed with your immigration dreams.



    We are overwhelmed by the services provided by Bilimoria & Associate in guiding and assisting us throughout our Canadian PR Application process, even during the pandemic. We are happy and proud to have chosen Bilimoria & Associate as our Immigration Consultant.

    We put a lot of thoughts on how to move to Canada as immigrants and approached various consultancies. Fortunately, we came to know about Bilimoria & Associate through our family friend and we could find the difference immediately between other consultancies and B&A with their way of approach.

    Unlike others, Mr. Neville explained the entire process, the costs involved and especially the timeframe it would take to become a Canadian PR.

    Mr. Neville would always insist that we take everything step-by-step and it eventually paid us well. Initially, we began the process with my husband as the primary applicant but couldn’t get the desired score after our 1st IELTS attempt. It was Mr. Neville’s timely advice that shifted our entire application under my name in order to present a strong application for ITA.

    We were really impressed by the amount of effort taken by Mr. Neville & his team in creating our profile through proper documentation. Every detailing done by the team is commendable. Their years of experience and expertise can be seen in the way they analyse our documents to be accurate and in the right format as expected by the IRCC. Since the ITA, our confidence levels scaled new heights through the team’s effort in an organized manner.

    Our special mention to Ms. Komathi as she would know all details of our profile, understand the query and make it ease to approach Mr. Neville.

    We are indeed grateful to Mr. Neville and team for being a consistent source of encouragement during the pandemic. We had our PR application acknowledged and were awaiting PPR. The effect of the pandemic took a toll on our application and left us with no response from the IRCC and time delay.                                

    Bilimoria & Associates were our only hope in such trouble times. Mr. Neville would always respond to our emails even when there was no movement in our application.

    He ensured that our application will be approved when the IRCC resumes office. This advice and his transparent work culture kept us positive. Eventually, we were among the first lot of people to be approached by the IRCC for re-medicals. We received our golden mail from Mr. Neville’s office in January 2022, requesting for Passport to be stamped and later got our visas stamped within few weeks. 

    We have been recommending and would highly recommend Bilimoria & Associate to our friends and families. We appreciate and thank Mr. Neville and his team for all their efforts and guidance. It has been a wonderful experience to be associated with them and we will continue to approach B&A team for any Immigration related services. It would be incomplete if I don’t mention about the professional ethics that they maintain, which is truly commendable.

    Wishing Bilimoria & Associates all success!!



    I was referred to Bilimoria & Associate through a previous client of Mr. Neville Bilimoria.

    Through the entire application process, I felt very supported. Neville's guidance was always timely and accurate as he is very detail-oriented which is required in a process such as migration. I had also moved cities during the process, and Neville made sure I received city-specific instructions. 

    The fact that I was given precise instructions and proper guidance was definitely a confidence booster.  I received Neville's note about my visa being approved. My feelings were simultaneously both relief and gratitude.

    My advice would be to just go for it and consult Neville. He really is the best person in this field.  I would recommend Bilimoria & Associate without a second thought. And I already have!

    To new immigrants, I would first say congratulations on deciding on this huge step. Choosing Bilimoria & Associate will take most of the stress away, as they will also provide you with information on landing and life as a new immigrant. There are resources in Canada for newcomers - from banking needs to employment services, and Canada is a welcoming country.

    I would say that once you have got all your required government documents in order, a trip to an employment service just to ensure your resume/cover letter are in the required format, plus to receive an overview of your field would really help. Independence is also highly prized, so a long-term goal of staying independently is something to keep in mind. 

    The staff at Bilimoria & Associate are very organized and were always ready to answer my questions and guide me on next steps. 

    Thanks so much! 


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