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  • Our Specialisation - Expert advise - specific to each application for all type of visas under General Skilled Visa, Investment visa to USA under EB5 & Canadian Investment visa.
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A GATEWAY TO EU CITIZENSHIP: The Portugal Golden Visa Program offers the fastest gateway for investors to become EU citizens. Being granted Portugal residency will give investors and their family members access to public Health Care, Education, and Social Security. It also gives them a chance to become EU citizens and enjoy the benefits of the EU as a whole.

The Portugal Golden Visa Program is one of the best choices for overseas investors or third-country nationals to be granted a residence permit, through investment activities conducted within Portugal territory. Residence permit holders already have the right to reside in Portugal and enjoy free travel within the 26 nation members of the Schengen zone.

The program’s main benefits are the various choices of investments, fast processing, and a minimal requirement for residency. This makes Golden Visa the fastest-growing investment immigration program in Europe.



  • No requirement for Management Experience
  • No requirement to be met on Age, Language, or Education credentials to apply for Golden Visa
  • Simple Processing and quick turnout in obtaining the Residence visa
  • Investment can be refundable after five years - depends on the project that is chosen
  • Travel freely within the Schengen zone
  • Portugal does not charge Tax on worldwide income
  • Apply for Citizenship easily and be granted EU benefits
  • Right to live, do business, to study in Portugal



  • Created to encourage business investments in a country, the Investor Immigration Programs are exclusive programs that enable high-net-worth individuals to attain permanent residency and eventually, citizenship in their country of choice.
  • Certain developed countries, such as UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, and Portugal, offer Investor Immigration Programs that lead to citizenship. However, each program has its own characteristics, requirements, and benefits, which makes some more accessible and appealing than others, depending on the needs of each investor.
  • The Portugal Golden Visa is among one of the best Investor Immigration Programs currently available in the world. It has very few requirements and lots of benefits.

Our applications for Portugal Golden visa are prepared and lodged by our team of immigration lawyers specialized in obtaining Portuguese citizenship.  The conditions can differ for EU and non-EU citizens and the latter can request personalized counseling from one of our immigration lawyers.

We can guide you and assist in the preparation of your Golden Visa Program application to Portugal, which needs our continuous support for the period of five years. We strive to achieve the highest possible standards of professional service and success rate on every application that we lodge with the Immigration department.

For obtaining your EU visa through Golden Visa Program, please contact us at or call our office at  +91 44 2823 9229  / 4350 8191 /  2822 7127 / 2822 7222  for consultation or an appointment.


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