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  • Our Objectives - Provide direct, honest answers and follow up for success of every application.
  • Our Specialisation - Expert advise - specific to each application for all type of visas under General Skilled Visa, Investment visa to USA under EB5 & Canadian Investment visa.
  • Our Service - Efficient and Cost Effective Service in all areas relating to migration matters and visa services.
  • Our Success - Processed many applications with very High Success Rate.
  • Our Legacy - 24 years of Professional Experience with proven track record.
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    We were referred through a very close friend of ours and has guided me in a lot of ways, had suggested your name. Hence without looking elsewhere we directly approached Bilimoria & Associate because we knew we were in right hands for our Visa application for Australia.  

    The entire experience was like a roller coaster ride with ups and downs which is part and parcel of life. One cannot have ups if there are no downs. However, since Ravi & I both knew we were been guided by one of the most experienced experts in the industry, we we're very positive about the entire outcome. 

    With reference and after speaking with Neville personally, we were cent percent positive that our Visa would come through because of the intricate dedication that Neville and his associates have put through since our case was different from other applications. 

    After receiving our visa both of us were highly elated and excited to begin a whole new journey together and we cannot express how much of gratitude we have towards him and his associates in guiding and working along with us for the success of the application. 

    The entire team has a very positive vibe and although I personally have just met them once, it was more like a warm family rather than just being all professional. 

    The process of launching an application is not just that of the immigration consultant but equally that of the applicants as well. It is a tandem work of both the parties to work hand in hand to ensure the success of the application. Apart from that one must be meticulous with all their documents since they are the key to success of the application and last but not the least perseverance, dedication, positivity and patience is very important for the entire process to be a successful one. 

    Be positive and as the saying goes "patience is the key to success", the rest will be taken care by Bilimoria & Associate.

    And we have already started recommending Bilimoria & Associate to our relatives and friends to use their services in finding the eligibility.          



    Thanks a lot for your guidance and services which helped me become a Permanent Resident of Australia.  It was my cousin who referred your office to process my visa application. Few years back you had processed his and his friend's application to NZ visa. And now they are citizens of NZ.

    I am thoroughly impressed and completely satisfied with the entire application process. It was transparent and I was constantly updated about the progress, which made my life a lot easier with respect to the application process.

    The first time when I met you in my office I remember you had assured me of my visa within 6 months of time from lodgement if I score well in PTE. Even when I didn't believe in myself about achieving that score, your words made a lot of difference eventually drove me to achieve that. And the best part within 6 months since lodgement, I have my visa approved. Need I say more? ;)  I could not believe that my visa got approved when the MARA officer called me to inform the same. Then when I realized that it happened to my day, it was a feeling that I can hardly explain. Feeling of achieving a long waited success is Priceless.

    I must definitely thank your office staffs for being cordial. Every time I rang up your office to talk to you, be it connecting to you and informing about your unavailability goes on to show the way you value your clients. I am impressed again.

    If anyone  want their application to be successful, just follow the advice of Neville. Be it the choice of country, required documentation, test prep. Neville ensures the best possible service is offered to his clients. Most importantly for Neville it's all about making the right choices for his clients without any second thoughts. Easily the best in business in chennai at least as far as I have experienced. :)

    Send your profile to Neville, consider his suggestions seriously. Because he offers the best possible solutions, based on that individual's profile. If he assures something, consider it to be done. Be it the documentation, guidance and processing of application everything is of the highest standards. As already wrote, best in this business in Chennai.



    Dear Neville,

    It was my sister and brother in law Mr. Khadeer Ahmed Sayeed who recommended me to approach you for Australian PR process since they were your clients before who obtained their visa through your office.

    Although it took a long time...I felt that my application was in safe hands which streamlined the process in professional way and success finally in getting our family visa approval. I was pretty confident that I would get my PR because always Mr. Neville would tell me the facts and guide me on every step which never had a chance to that I would make a wrong move.

    Wow......I was so happy and excited....At first I couldn't believe my was really a dream come true...When I informed my wife  that we got the PR...she wasn't believing it at all.....until I showed her the PR visa grant notice.....Really I cannot express my feelings in words.

    Mr. Neville was a great person and mentor in preparing my application.  All I can tell every new applicant Believe and Trust Bilimoria & Associate and your PR is for sure.  I would definitely recommend B&A to all my friends and relatives.


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