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Skilled Worker Category or Independent Class

Immigration to Canada based on the Independent Skilled Worker Category is a very popular visa programme and is intended for people with high levels of skills and experience. One can apply in different types of categories for Residence visa to Canada. Canadian immigration also includes a special visa category for Business immigrants. Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the Canadian Government's Immigration Department, also allows the province of Quebec to select immigrant.

SKILLED WORKERS - Skilled workers are people who are selected as permanent residents based on their ability to become economically established in Canada.

Canada values the skills and experiences that of a Skilled Worker and Professionals. Canada is a country of immigrants and the government has relaxed the Immigration process for Skilled Workers and Professionals for the economic and cultural development of Canada.

There was a major change on 18th September 2003 on the points score requirement, the points score requirement was reduced from 75 to 67 points. The fall in the pass mark made considerable increase in the number of people, who could meet the Canada visa requirement and to qualify for the Canadian Skilled Worker Category. Under the previous pass mark points even the most highly qualified people did not gain enough points to meet the requirements.

The present pass mark of 67 points has greatly increased the number of people who can come under the skilled worker immigration category. This is the most popular visa category for people to qualify for immigration to Canada. If an applicant can gain at least 67, and can show that he/she can successfully establish themselves in Canada and have skills in an eligible occupation to qualify, it is usually possible to meet the Canadian visa requirement in order to immigrate to Canada under this Scheme.

In November 2008, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, announced another step in measures to improve the immigration program's responsiveness to Canada's labour market for Faster Immigration issuing instructions to visa officers reviewing new Federal Skilled Worker applications to process those from candidates who are on the High-demand occupations such as health, skilled trades, finance and resource extraction; or should have an offer of Arranged Employment or have already been living legally in Canada for one year as a Temporary Foreign Worker or international Student to qualify.

To facilitate the entry of Skilled Workers and Professionals into Canada for the economic and cultural development of Canada, the Human Resources Development Canada (Labor Department of Canada) has produced a list of occupations known as National Occupation Classification (NOC). Based on this list, Immigration Department of Canada has formulated immigration regulations for issuing immigrant visa to Skilled workers and Professionals and their families.

On 26th June 2010, the Federal Government of Canada announced changes to immigration rules and has released the new occupation list which came into effect from 1st July 2010. In the new occupation list the number of in demand occupations that qualify under the Skilled Worker Category has been reduced further to 29 in-demand occupations.


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